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Community Map Celebrating The Rich Heritage Of The

Antonine Wall And The Forth and Clyde Canal


Commissioned by Historic Scotland and developed in partnership with East and West Dumbartonshire Councils, North Lanarkshire

Council, Glasgow District Council, Scottish Canals, Scottish Waterways Trust and Falkirk Community Trust.


The brief envisaged an illustrated map which highlighted the thoughts and expressions of communities living along the historic route of the

Roman Antonine Wall and the Forth and Clyde Canal. Neil's role involved engagement with local communities through the use of workshops in

order to generate inspiring content to featured in the map. This content took the form of poems, stories, sketches, paintings, memories and

observations and site visits were also undertaken to gain knowlege of the terrain. Neil utlised a creative writing education tool he has developed, 'The Discovering Poetry Project' to help generate content at the workshops, and the images, poems, reflections and stories collected were integrated within the artwork. The final illustration was presented as part of an information and tourist leaflet distributed throughout the local communities and featuring at local attractions such as the Kelpies, the Falkirk Wheel and Callendar House.

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