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This community arts project was assisted by the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park and involved the reclamation of an area of disused ground situated by the sea and it's subsequent development into a garden of peace, relaxation and fun for the local KIlmun community.


Neil's role was to design and illustrate interpretation panels which would depict the history and wildlife of the area in order to help describe how Graham's Point had changed throughout historyEach panel was mounted on a wood sculpture and the displays were positioned in the park in such a way that the views out to sea on the illustrations corresponded with the same view's out to sea from that spot .

In addition to this his brief alsorequired coordination with the local community through workshops and the sub contracting of a sign company who produced the information panels. Neil utlised a creative writing education tool he has developed, 'The Discovering Poetry Project' to help generate

content at the workshops, and the children's images and poems collected were integrated within the artwork.

A selection of the panels are shown below together with images of the area.

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