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 Internal communication tool, for corporate organisations implementing positive change management.

An iterative process focusing on previous, present and future scenarios that is inclusive to all area's of the organisation.

Many previous projects are confidential and cannot be shown on the website.

Clients include the following;


"I would recommend him to other organisations..."

"Consumer Focus Scotland commissioned Neil to provide a series of images for our publications on commercial sponsorship. The issue itself is quite complicated and we worked with Neil to come up with a theme that would

project the right message. Neil was easy to work with and we were able to discuss and share ideas.

The result was a set of images that we have been able to use throughout our publications, making them look more interesting and accessible. The illustrations have also been well received by our stakeholders. All in all, our experience

of working with Neil was very positive and I would recommend him to other organisations".

Jennifer Wallace, Senior Policy Advocate,Consumer Focus Scotland,Scottish Consumer Council see here

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