Rich Picture Illustrations help facilitate corporate communication within larger organisations, providing visual solutions

which help develop future product concepts, manage change processes and assist in the articulation of a future strategic vision.

The artist has to understand the business processes and develop a brief on a one to one basis or in a group workshop format where he

can then articulate the client's needs by visualizing their idea's on paper in the form of preliminary development drawings and sketches.


The rich picture is a detailed, complex image which performs an inclusive function by featuring  a great many individuals/groups

/organisations that make up the overall scheme. Due to the sensitive nature of the material the project is often subject to a

confidentiality agreement which does not allow me to share this work with a wider audience.

This presents a challenge as the ability to present past examples of work is helpful to winning new commissions!


The following testimonial gives a sense of the iterative process involved.

"Captures the essence of our business..."

"Neil was quick to respond to our feedback and imaginatively produce an illustration that really captures the

essence of our business and clearly defines where we are going. I am delighted with the final result which will be

used across our business to communicate our strategy and vision”.

Fiona Dewar, M.D. Vets Now