Commission by Crieff Hydro as a redesign of an existing map which was used to direct visitors to the various self catering lodges throughout the estate. Feedback from customers indicated the existing map did not direct visitors to the correct lodge clearly enough and that directions to the Culcrieff part of the resort were to vague and confusing.


The brief required the following from the new map:


1. To integrate the lodges around Culcrieff with the main body of the lodges situated around the main hotel.

Culcrieff is a mile away from the main resort but the map had to integrate them together and clearly show

the road and footpath links.

2. The position and type of lodge should be more clearly and easily identified. If necessary by colour coding.

3. The map should conform to the current brand identity and include the most recent up to date features of the estate.

4. Show the relationship between the Hydro and access road links from Crieff Town Centre.

"Thanks for your help Neil, this is great, it’s going to make

such a difference to our customers...."

Kirsty Laird  Customer Marketing Lead, Crieff Hydro Group of Hotels.

Previous map seen below.

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